The false promise of content marketing

content marketing faklseStep away from the internet for a little while and look at your RSS feed count when you come back.  How many stories do you have?  100? 200? Do you really have the time to read them all or do you just quickly scan the headlines? The promise of content marketing has been overblown by blowhards and experts who like to talk shit, but have no idea how overwhelmed we really are with information.

I follow Business Insider in my RSS feed, but they produce so many stories that I have come to the point of ignoring most of them.  I just don’t have the time to read it all and in an era where time is the new currency, consumers are getting overwhelmed with content 99% of which is irrelevant to them.


Content marketing can be effective, but you need to let consumers come to you rather than pushing it to a mass audience.  In addition, one content strategy is not going to be effective for today’s fragmented audience.  The problem is that people are being overwhelmed with content and they just don’t have the time to take it all in.  This is one of the reasons why tablet’s have become so popular; so people can stay up to date with content including eMail.

The other issues that consumers have when it comes to content is the length and the credibility of the author. I don’t need some 20 something author on Business Insider talking about marketing or social media when they have no real world experience and when I read an article perhaps it would be a good idea to publish a summary callout like CNN does?

Content marketing is more hype than reality, especially in a world where brands are not willing to really think about their content strategy.



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