Facebook: It’s own worst enemy

According to the Times “Facebook still sees itself as the bank that got robbed, rather than the architect who designed a bank with no safes, and no alarms or locks on the doors, and then acted surprised when burglars struck”.  

Years after hostile foreign actors first began using Facebook to wage an information war against the American public,[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] some high-ranking Facebook executives still don’t understand just how central Facebook was on Russia’s misinformation campaign, and how consequential the company’s mistakes have been. [/inlinetweet]

In other words, Facebook has just confirmed that they are in fact a bulletin board and that users are on their own when it comes to determining if information is true or not.  This should scare brands and marketers further away from Facebook because it’s only a matter of time before someone posts some misinformation on a product or brand that causes major damage.

Facebook has always been a company that does things first and fixes mistakes later.  Ms Sandberg, who was brought in to help the company gain some valuable business experience, again seems to be absent.  Time and again Facebook have undermined its credibility by making claims that are easily proven to be false, and then defended these claims with statements that are absurd.

Facebook has always seen itself as a victim rather than acknowledge the power it has over news and facts. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] It would have been easy for any real media company to check people or companies who purchased ads, but that would have required a business process, something that Facebook seems to try and avoid at all costs.[/inlinetweet]

Social media marketing is dead and has been for a long time now.  However, brands still need to listen to chat on social media because anyone with Internet access can harm a brand and cause major damage and cause sales to sink.

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