Everything new is old again in marketing

new isPOST SUMMARY: The emperor has no clothes!  After years of marketing hype around social media, big data and content marketing it seems that consumers will only purchase from us if they like our products and we deliver on all aspects of the brand promise.    More than ever, marketers need to view new technologies as tools which may or may not play an important part in conversion and execute on all marketing initiatives.


Recently, in talking with some friends here in Boston, I found that many of them are going to a local coffee shop for their morning java instead of Starbucks.  When I asked why, they said that the employees know them and often call them by their first name.  They said it felt like “they really cared about them as customers”.


Now think back to when your parents used to go to the same cleaners or small grocery store because the people there knew them and they felt comfortable going there.  Can’t the same be said about brands and products today?  I mean are you really going to become a customer of a brand because of their Facebook page or website alone?  Probably not.  But you’re going to take your business elsewhere if you feel that brands are not listening to you or view your business as important.

Now my background is digital marketing and I love the challenge but I know that even the best damn website in the world doesn’t mean a hell of a lot without a product that meets or exceeds consumer expectations.    What brands need to do is be more authentic and really show consumers that their business is important to them.


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