Engaged social followers are your best customers…ya think?

ya_thinkI’m usually a big fan of Forrester research, but their latest report has me scratching my head.  To me, it’s full of “duh 101” and I am worried that any marketer who finds this information enlightening is way behind the current trends in marketing.

Here are some of the obvious insights

1ne:  People who frequently engage with companies in social are better customers.  Surely you have to be kidding with this one.  This is beyond obvious.


2wo: Companies must see social tools as part of a larger puzzle. Do we really need research to tell us that social media works best as part of an integrated marketing  program.

3hree: People who engage brands in social media are significantly more likely to buy from and recommend those brands.  Uhhh, OK.


There is a lot of great research available via the Internet, but before using research it’s best to first look at who is sponsoring it and the conclusions.  The next step is for marketers to ask “is this relevant to my brand and customers?” because what works for one product category may not work for yours.





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