eCommerce has a long way to go

QUICK READ: Most eCommerce sites are failing the test of consumer expectations. Even Amazon is having trouble staying true to its core business. The business magazines love to talk about how fast eCommerce is growing but the reality is that it’s just a very small piece of total shopping.

Since most people are staying close to home during the pandemic more people are shopping online but too many are learning that the experience with some online retailers is not that good.

Over the weekend I’ve been doing a lot of research to gauge the experience of various online retailers. I didn’t expect there to be as many complaints as I found. Even though online stores are warning shoppers that the pandemic may affect their orders I’m reading complaints about everything from late shipping to poor packaging.

Amazon set the bar for online sales but even they are having major problems shipping items. They did say they were going to focus on staples that people might need during lockdowns but they’re having a problem even doing shipping common items we need.

I’ve tried sending gifts and frankly, customer service for most was non-existent. Some items I ordered took over two weeks to ship which means, they had two weeks to use my money without shipping the products. This is inexcusable.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any online retailer is their customer service. If I email you about a problem I expect an answer that same day not a week later. Even with the pandemic customer service, people can still work at home and there is no reason for ANY online retailer to delay a customer inquiry.

The best way for consumers to protect themselves is to use a charge card that allows you to dispute a transaction. One customer went on a rage when she ordered a Mothers Day feast of prime cuts of meat and received, instead, hamburger and hot-dogs. That retailer, Steak Agers, is the subject of a LOT of complaints.

You would have thought that online retailers would have risen to the challenge of more people shopping online but they’re being caught with their pants down. Amazon, I believe, has lost focus of its core business and is slipping big time.

It all means that brick and mortar retailers are still going to remain, king, even though shoppers are staying home in larger numbers right now.

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