Why don’t more brands participate in grass roots marketing?

Consumers are tired of being bombarded with marketing messages on and offline so why aren’t more brands reaching out to consumers via grass roots marketing efforts?

In its third-ever economic impact study covering the outdoor sector OIA found that of the $887 billion spent yearly on outdoor adventuring, roughly $97 billion of that comes from spending on “wheeled sports,” primarily cycling. About $14 billion was spent on bike and skateboard gear, while $83 billion was spent on skateboard and bike trips—helping create 847,559 jobs. That’s a lot of money and the fastest growing demographics in cycling are people 55+ who tend to have high disposable income.

Here in Florida I have attended three bicycle events sponsored by local bike retailers.  While the sponsors read like a who’s who of cycling and nutrition brands often the vendor village booths are unmanned or empty.  Why would a band pay money to sponsor a bicycle event and not follow through?

These events are held all over the country and usually draw big, diverse crowds and are a great way to win over consumers via free samples.  It gives brands a chance to meet their audience one-on-one and win them over a simple strategy of “try us”.

Events like these are not limited to cycling they can also be found in hiking, running and touring events.  Brands that want to cut through the clutter and reconnect with consumers could find a great ROI but they have to ensure that the people meeting with consumers are excellent brand ambassadors.


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