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41zCZTppcAL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_“Disrupted” is a satirical look at what goes inside companies when the focus is revenue growth, not profits, where the deck is stacked to make the founders rich and the investors richer. Younger employees are paid less and often burn out and while Hubspot promotes its inbound marketing automation it uses cold calling as a way to find new customers.

It seems that everyone is searching for the next facebok so they can become rich.  Today, most startups don’t have a problem finding people as they see them as a means to end  life of late night work emails.  However, the sad reality is that 95% of startups fail within three years and there is still a lot that haven’t yet started to see one profit dollar.


One of the hot debates around the unemployment numbers is that a lot of people over 50 can’t find work because too many employers feel that older employees can’t be tech savvy enough to succeed in today’s business environment.  That is garbage.  I confess that I am a 50+ person and I code, and am as tech savvy as people half my age.  I am able to differentiate between the “hype” of new online marketing fads and the reality of business needs and that skill opens a lot of doors in my consulting business.


If your a Millennial, or Gen X or Y and you work with someone who is older do yourself a favor and learn all you can from their years of experience because that learning will prove invaluable. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo at the office rather than drink the corporate speak Kool-Aid[/inlinetweet] and don’t let anyone or any company brainwash you into working so hard that life passes you by.

The sad fact is that businesses are in business to make money, not provide you with free lunches and candy.  Sure, you can do meaningful work and make a difference, but never, ever believe that profit is not the responsibility of everyone while taking care of customers.

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