The disconnect between engagement and sales

Brand-DisconnectDan had been a social media marketing manager for a little over 6 months.  He knew the platforms and how to engage consumers so when a recent post, about a new product, went viral he was very excited to inform management.  The excitement was short lived. While Dan was promoting his team’s efforts on social media a senior VP was quick to point out that their brand was still losing market share to competitors.  Thus the disconnect…

Social media marketing people have to be very careful when blowing their own horns even though research indicates more brands are planning to spend more on the platform. The transformation from “believing social media can increase sales” to “we need social media to listen to and respond to our audience” is still in debate.

Facebook, the largest social media platform, has said repeatedly that organic reach is all but dead.  Consumers just don’t have the time to listen to irrelevant brand noise.  But consumers expect brands to listen to them if they have a complaint about a product or brand and brands can’t ignore these shouts.


At a meeting last month with a CPG company I saw a marketing director humbled as a senior VP asked about the “investment” in social media (people and time).  That Director spent over 3 weeks trying to justify his needs and hired me to help him.  Rather than go thru the mental exercise of ROI I prepared a deck that clearly showed the insights gained from mining data from social media and responding to customers, including one who had a major beef with one of the brand’s products.  The SVP came to the conclusion that “social media is needed as part of our customer experience then”.  The light went off….

Still a lot to turn on…


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