Is digital REALLY that essential to YOUR brand?

think firstHere we go again.  All over the Internet online media like Fast Company and Business Insider are trying their best to convince executives that digital is essential to their organization when in reality this may not be the case.  The idea that consumers need or want digital interaction/interruption from brands that they take for granted is a clear indication that a lot of brands believe digital marketing is the answer when they don’t understand the question(s).

Remember about 3 years ago when P&G set the marketing world abuzz with its investment in digital marketing including real time analytics?  Now three years later they have sagging market share and even had to trim some product lines because new, lower cost, products were taking share from bread and butter brands.  In my opinion P&G focused too much on digital and not enough on marketing basics.

Next time you are in the market getting ready to check out, look into  your cart and ask yourself how many of those brands you really want or need a digital relationship with?   I purchase certain products because, at the core, they satisfy my needs and wants.  I don’t need to go their website because I have neither the time or inclination and many women today are too time stressed to go to a Ronzoni pasta website.


On the other hand, when I was shopping for a new car, I spent a lot of time online reading reviews and comparing models and prices.  What’s the difference?  A car is a major purchase a can of pasta sauce is not.  The same can be said about 99.9% of products at the market.  A good marketing strategy, including packaging, pricing and POP displays is a lot more important than a gold winning website.

Marketers need to better understand how important digital is to conversion for THEIR brands and products.  Marketing dollars then need to be allocated on the channels that provide the best ROI at the moment of truth.  Every brand needs a digital marketing component but understanding the importance of digital is key to ensuring that you’re investing in the right mix of marketing dollars.



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