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whats newThe digital marketing space is changing and changing very rapidly.  If you don’t keep up on trends and changes you might be wasting a lot of money.  Here are the top stories, trends and resources from the last few weeks.

Tracking activity across social media is an increasingly important task, whether you are a big brand or an individual. It is a critical activity for brand monitoring, but it is also becoming a key research tool for tracking trends and discovering content.  Here is a list of tools which are free or have free trials which will help you track activity and mentions across social media. A number of these tools have alert functionality to alert you in real time of keyword mentions.


Topsy is still the best free Twitter search tool for mentions in my view. It has a powerful range of search options, for example, see my previous post on 6 essential Topsy searches for content marketers. You can search by time period by links, photos and videos.


Twazzup is similar to Topsy and is a good way of getting a quick overview of Twitter activity for a keyword or brand. It doesn’t have the depth of analysis that Topsy provides but it provides a good one page summary, including the top 6 most tweeted links relating to the keyword.


Mention tracks mentions beyond social media and provides you with real time alerts. Mention tracks social networks, news sites, forums, blogs and web pages in 42 languages to make sure you’re not missing anything.


Twilert enables you to track mentions for keywords and brand names in real time or to receive regular email alerts from hourly to daily. The tool allows you to specify your keywords and to filter in a number of ways such as by location.

Search Marketers Tear Into Google Over AdWords Exact Match Change

Google said that AdWords will no longer allow advertisers to prevent their ads from showing up on “close variants” of their keywords — i.e., ads will, by default, show up on both the advertiser’s keywords and on close spellings. If you bid on the singular version of a keyword, it might also show on the plural version and you can no longer tell Google you don’t want that. Your ads might also show on misspellings and other “close variants” of your keywords.


Social Networking Accounts for (at Least) 28% of all Media Time Spent Online [STUDY]

Internet users now spend a daily average of 6.09 hours on online media, and more than one full quarter of all that time that is used by social networking on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, reveals a new study.

GlobalWebIndex surveyed internet users aged 16-64 and found that 28 percent of all time spent online is consumed by social media, which equates to about 1.69 hours each and every day.



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