Digital Marketing Alone is Not the Answer

common-sense3The more research reports I read the more I find the conclusions are all the same; an integrated media approach is the best way to reach today’s consumers.  What this really means is that marketers should not rely on one channel too much, especially social media even if the “experts” say different.

Digital Marketing Alone is Not the Answer

Tight budgets and the lack of a clear online strategy have marketing executives concerned about losing business in the digital age. Even though companies are investing in their online marketing operations, chief marketing officers (CMOs) say there is still too big a gap between the expectations of consumers and the digital manpower they have available to deliver a satisfying online experience.

With the explosion in consumers’ use of social networks, marketers are wrestling with the challenge of how to best utilize these channels to communicate with consumers. In many cases, social holds the promise of word of mouth persuasion achieved at scale. But many questions abound. For example: what’s the value of a fan? what’s the role of paid versus earned media? How to best measure the ROI from social?  It’s clear that much research and experimentation is being conducted to help answer these types of questions.

Common Sense

Ads are not the answer…

A survey of 500 American consumers by Lab42 reveals a healthy dose of skepticism about the accuracy of claims made in ads. The study, which examined broad attitudes towards advertising in all its forms (including print, TV, internet, and social media), found just 3% of respondents believing that claims made in ads are “very accurate,” with far more (19%) believing them to be “very exaggerated.” All told, the proportion finding ads to be at least somewhat exaggerated far outweighed the proportion believing them to be at least somewhat accurate (76% vs. 24%).


The key take-aways

1ne: The best marketing integrates media to reach consumers.

2wo: Marketers should have different objectives for every stage of the product life-cycle.

3hree: Set realistic expectations up front for all media channels.

4our: Measure the results as a whole like an engine rather than each piston.

5ive: Be wary of “experts” who preach that social media is the answer to all your marketing.

6ix: If you download and use free research from the Internet first look at who sponsored the research and what the have to gain.

7even: Think like a consumer and ask “why do I want your product?”

8ight; Consumers may purchase your product but that does not mean they want to have a relationship with your brand.

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