Didn’t Coke just try and tell us that their new Diet Coke rebranding was working?

According to Business Insider “Coke and Pepsi brands declined 2% and 4.5%, respectively, by volume in the US in 2017, according to Beverage Digest’s annual report, which was released on Monday. Meanwhile, Aquafina increased 2.6% by volume and Poland Springs grew 2.5%.  Wait a second?  Didn’t Business Insider just tell us that Coke’s rebranding effort on Diet Coke was working?

Overall, the carbonated-soft-drink category declined 1.3% by volume, while bottled water grew 6.2%.  Companies selling bottled water, he argued, have managed to convince people that buying water is a healthier choice than sugary soda.  Yet less than two weeks ago the press release from Coke that their rebranding of Diet Coke was a huge success were all over the Internet.  They even tried to tell us that Millennials were again, drinking Diet Coke.  That is what happens when writers write from press releases without thinking.

The problem is that to sites like Business Insider, content is king and no matter how bad the content, written by people who don’t understand basic marketing, we just want to add content.  They even have content trying to tell us what to buy based on THEIR recommendations which I have found to be way off.

While the media tries to drive a wedge between Millennials and Baby Boomers with stories blaming each other for the current mess of our government one thing is becoming more apparent to me: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]writers who understand business and marketing write better articles than Millennials who are paid to churn out content.[/inlinetweet]

Their inexperience, however, has a following by brain dead marketers who believe everything they read from press releases.  Thinking has been beat out of people.  Today, its produce and produce some more and don’t think about consumers.

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