Despite the hype PC’ s still rule for shopping

There is a lot of hype around mobile and although it’s still growing the majority of consumers (80%) still are using PC’s to shop according to Custora real-time analytics.




OK, there has been a lot of talk claiming “the PC is dead” because sales of PC’s have been declining, but when you look to understand “why” you learn that most people still use their PC’s and frankly Microsoft hasn’t given them a good reason to upgrade to new models.  In addition, most people use their PC’s for surfing the web, keeping up with social media and checking emails, all of which can be done very nicely on a mobile device.


Why are so many people still using their PC’s when it comes to shopping ?  Well, one of my clients shared some research, we did earlier this year and according to top line findings consumers prefer shopping on their PC’s because

1ne: Bigger screens means better product pictures.

2wo: Too many eCommerce sites are not optimized for mobile devices.

3hree: It can be a real pain in the neck to enter order information on mobile devices and a lot of customers use browser plug-ins to enter credit card and shipping information.

Shopping trolley on button of computer keyboard

4our: People are concerned about ordering via mobile devices as they usually have to get out their credit cards which, they feel, could be compromised by someone close by.

So why is mobile getting so much publicity ?  Because it both helps marketers justify their investment in mobile apps and because there are a lot vendors out there just waiting to pounce on companies who want to develop a mobile app without a strategy that asks “why?”.

Your website should be optimized for mobile but don’t get fooled into thinking that mobile is going to save your brand.  By the way the brand that I worked with (a premium chocolate candy company) is getting 95% of its orders from PC’s not mobile.  As the Director of Marketing told me “it would have been a complete waste of money for us to develop a mobile app”.

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