Dear advertisers: people do watch TV during the holidays

179538012_80_80Yesterday 17 teams were still in the running for a playoff spot but advertisers don’t seem to care.  Rather than some fresh good commercials there was more of the same old garbage to the point that some of my friends, who love the NFL, recorded games so they could skip over the commercials.  If you want to understand why so many people are disconnecting from TV look no further than repetition of commercials and programming full of reruns and even more commercials.The holiday tradition of eating at home and sitting around the TV is alive and well but the networks seem to think that we don’t watch TV during the holidays.  Fox ran “Scrooge”, a great film made in 1951 but they made it unwatchable with commercials as often as every 9 minutes.

The NFL advertisers think that the audience just wants to buy cars and beer and thus the eyes roll when the same old commercials are repeated on every game. Yet some agency Hollywood wanna-be’s have convinced advertisers to shell out $4 million for a spot during the Super Bowl plus the expense of the commercial so they can go to France to accept creative awards.


What advertisers don’t quite get yet is that as soon as commercials come on people are turning to their iPad’s and smartphones.  They would rather repeat the same commercials over and over than develop new spots prior to the Super Bowl.  The networks are not helping much putting hot new series like Blacklist and The Walking Dead on vacation even though these episodes are filmed months in advance.

If advertisers and the networks keep on going their current direction more and more people are going to time shift or watch shows on iTunes because $2.99 is better than more Flo commercials.

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