Creating content that ” Makes People’s Lives Easier” ?

Facebook global head of brand design Paul Adams presented one of the most important talks last year. In the session, “What People Share and Why,” Adams suggested that people are not necessarily predisposed to sharing and said “brands need to understand why people talk. By doing so, it is much easier to create vibrant communities and conversations. The first reason people talk is to make life easier. For brands, that means creating content that makes something easier for their fans.” But is this true for all brands ?

I have always said, and believe, that brands need to communicate how their products improve customers lives or make them feel better about themselves. However consumers can only share so much information and today they prioritize their information by the brand’s (products) importance to THEM. I’m sure for example that not too many people are going to talk about better ways to do housework but a lot will be talking about ways to save time when traveling or get more out of their off time.

Facebook seems to think that every person wants to share every brand with others within their community but what facebook is still not acknowledging is that the reason that only 1% of users see brand posts in their Newsfeed is because they just don’t have the damn time.

A recent survey indicated that mom’s, who are the biggest users of social media by far, use social media to share personal information and stay in touch with friends.  What would you think if one of your facebook friends sent you information on a new flavor of orange juice ?

I do agree that brands need to develop better content for sharing and stop saying things like “did you take your vitamins today ?or “did you have your glass of orange juice for a full days supply of vitamin C?”  but brand need to also better understand just how important their brand/product is to consumers.  Most consumers just want brand to keep delivering on their brand promise and the hell with social media but other brands like airlines, hotels, cars and electronics can use social media effectively to make consumers’ lives better and more productive.


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  1. Another thing that determines sharing value is simply whether the content is entertaining. Some brands get that–look at the last two Volkswagen superbowl commercials, where people were sharing both before and after the commercial aired.

    The problem is that a lot of marketers think that their brand–rather than specific content–is what customers are interested in. You can gain a follower with one video or clever post, but unless you keep delivering, you will be forgotten.

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