CPG brands: Out of touch with consumers

So why are so many consumer packaged goods brands in trouble?  Just watch their TV commercials for a good idea.  A cereal maker, trying to tell us their cereal is healthy because it’s non GMO despite the fact that there is enough sugar in a box to put us all in shock. How about Hershey’s advertising their sugar bomb sandwich with marshmallows and graham cookies?  You would think that with all their data they would know better.

One of the reasons that soda sales are tanking is because they are unhealthy and consumers know it.  However, rather than understand “why” consumers are avoiding these products soft drink brands come out with more juice drinks with more than a full day’s worth of sugar. Ha?

Consumers are eating healthier and what’s more they check labels and understand when CPG brands are trying to fool them.  A V8 may sound healthy but when you look at the label and see how much sugar it has you feel like you have been conned.

It seems that consumers ARE reading labels and know when brands are conning them, but despite all the “big data” CPG brands are breaking the basic consumer promise.  They are paying the price at the register and on Wall Street and marketers are being let go.  One day they’ll learn.

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