Is content really king?

Blog-images-FINAL460X460_your-content-marketing-sucksKevin Ryan brought up a great point, “the concept of quality over quantity seems to get lost all too frequently. People rarely say what’s actually on their minds and answering questions no one asked you because it looks like search fodder isn’t a path to engagement glory.”  While good content is essential to keep visitors on your site one still has to ask the hard question “how are consumers supposed to read all this content?”

What’s behind the increasing use of mobile devices to connect to the Web?  Well, first there is boredom.  Why sit on a train and read the paper when you can answer email, check your social media accounts and catch up on your custom news feeds?  Then there is the feeling that you’ll miss something like new trends or updates via your Twitter feed.  When I go into meetings with clients I turn my smartphone off and it’s not uncommon to see at least a 100 Tweets from feeds that I follow (I only follow feeds related to digital marketing).


Not too long ago I met with a company that develops portals for doctors and they were puzzled why patients weren’t using these portals.  Puzzled?!  There are hundreds of health websites on the Web so why should a patient go to a physician health portal when it may not be updated with the latest information?  People today want answers to their questions and want to move on, they don’t have the time to spend checking a lot of different sites yet marketers have bough into the content is king canard with heavy budgets.

To find out how much content you really need you simply need to ask your audience via research and ten test content on your site.  Your analytics will tell you what content is being read and what content is being ignored.

Sure content can be king, but make sure it’s not your ego that’s wearing the crown.



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