Consumers want a human brand

im listeningWe hear it all the time, brands need to be more human, but how do marketers with information overload ensure their brands are more human?

What does it mean, for brands, to be more human?  Simply put, it means treating consumers like people and ensuring that each customers’ voice is heard and responded to in earnest. Gard to do when most marketers are focused on customer acquisition, but essential if you want to grow sales unless you’re Apple who has such great products that they feel they don’t have to listen to consumers.


Here are some guidelines to ensure your brand is more human…

1ne: Listen to everyone and respond as a person not a brand talking to a market segment.

2wo: Respond to posts in social media.  Ignoring them sends the wrong message.

3hree: Don’t always try to sell; understand the core emotions and needs of your brand and leverage them.

4our: Stop bombarding consumers with ads.  Progressive Insurance is running so many ads that consumers are actually taking to the Web to trash “Flo” who has overstayed her welcome.


5ive: Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry.  You’re going to screw up so just admit it and apologize rather than taking a PR speak approach.

6ix: Understand that there is a time and a place for advertising and that consumers don’t like to be interrupted.

7even: Finally, always try and get closer to your customers and keep optimizing your marketing mix to meet their needs and wants.

This sounds like common sense but while marketers look at marketing automation tools consumers are asking “who the hell are you?”


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