Why consumers are turning away from TV

Survey-Reveals-People-Are-Turning-Away-From-Pay-TV-Subscriptions-300x224A close friend of mine was in the are doing so research with consumers on their TV viewing habits and wanted to learn more about why people are turning off from broadcast TV and are instead streaming shows.  The conversations I heard made a lot of sense and if true it surely will lead to the death of broadcast TV.

Why are so many people not watching network TV?  I thought it had a lot to do with the poor quality of the shows, but in fact it has more to do with the one asset consumers need and want most: time.  Here are some of the key points….

1ne: Consumers are tired and annoyed at the same commercials over and over again.  Mentions were made to car and insurance commercials.  As one woman said “I just don’t have the patience or time to sit through even a good show when I am interrupted with garbage”.

2wo: I paid for this!  Subscribers to cable and satellite are annoyed that some networks, like A&E, Spike, SiFi, have to pay for these channels but still have a lot of commercials.


3hree: Time shifting has become easier.  It’s easy to record the shows I like and watch them without commercials when I want.

4our: Hypocracy.  People talked about corporate influence of the networks and how this effected the reporting of the news which is why they prefer to go online for the news.  “Just look at NBC and all the drama around their people! I mean paying Chelsea Clinton a lot of money for being a reporter?”.

5ive: HBO does it better.  References were given to HBO shows as an example of just how good some TV can be and HBO has made it easier to watch shows on THEIR timeline not when shows air.

When I asked if this was consistent with other focus groups, he said “yes, throughout the country”.  He also said that is is a wake-up call to broadcast networks and that as a result of this research the company he works for, media buying, would advise clients to switch to digital.


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