Consumers multitask while watching TV

  • Consumers multi-task, opting to use devices—simultaneously researching something they heard or saw, checking email, online shopping, or simply staying connected with others.
  • Access and convenience are two key factors that determine how people consume media at different times.
  • Adults spend more time on media from 9 p. m. -10 p.m. than any other hour throughout the day.
  • Television is still the most dominant media.

Americans spend more time consuming video, online content and other media a new Nielsen survey finds.  Consumers, on average, spent about 10 hours and 24 minutes interacting with media each day during the April-June 2018 period. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]About 81 percent across all age groups use a digital device while watching TV, Nielsen found.[/inlinetweet] More than seven in 10 consumers (71 percent) use a digital device while watching TV to look up information on what they are watching. More than four out of ten (41 percent) send emails, texts or messages about the content.

American adults spend about five hours and 24 minutes daily watching video on TV and other devices, down slightly. But watching on smartphones remained steady at about 10 minutes daily.  Adults spent about 44 minutes daily on social media, but usage has been flat since last year.

What does this mean for marketers?

1ne: TV still rules and is the best way to generate the fastest reach.

2wo: If you give multitasking consumers a compelling reason to go to your website, while watching TV, they probably will.

3hree: Expect social media usage to remain flat and even decline in some age groups.

4our: If you want to keep the attention of multitasking consumers your TV spot has to capture their attention quickly.  Recycled creative, like Flo on Progressive, is not going to capture attention.

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