Consumers “brands don’t understand us”

Marketers think they are effective at customer engagement, but consumers think they could do better. Data shows that while marketers see the value and importance of consumer and customer engagement, they simply aren’t hitting the mark.

Consumers’ use of different channels makes it imperative that marketers listen and respond to their activities in real time. However, to effectively engage consumers, marketers must address the number one barrier to effective engagement—tools. Marketers today operate marketing technology stacks made up of disparate point solutions that offer uncoordinated metrics and data. To succeed, marketers need to shift their mindset and identify tools, solutions, and platforms that not only coordinate the various touchpoints and engagements, but translate them into actionable insights.

Structure, Buy-In and Alignment Are Critical to Engaging Successfully at Scale.

As marketing leads the charge in understanding what true engagement means for an organization’s consumers, it’s more critical than ever that organizational structure, alignment, and buy-in are part of any engagement strategy. And this starts at the top—according to the data in The State of Engagement, only 56% of marketers report having alignment on
their strategy across a key stakeholder group— executive leadership.

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