Comscore: Multiplatform world, but desktops still biggest piece

screenshot_517[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Desktop audiences and time have been complemented, rather than replaced by mobile devices. [/inlinetweet] Desktop still offers large (albeit more focused) demographics and for particular types of content, it is still the platform for scale. Reach and frequency management for advertisers needs to account for multi-platform usage.

Understanding how different user demographics and content categories have adjusted to a multi-platform world allows bespoke approaches to recruiting audiences or delivering advertising. Mobile-only usage is growing, particularly amongst younger users, but multi-platform usage is the norm.


New platforms have already added complexity to user journeys. Widespread availability of devices means platform choice is increasingly proactive, based on function, location and time of day. Understanding these nuances allows for sophisticated multi-platform access to consumers almost 24 hours a day.

Mobile apps dominate mobile time and are already approaching even the largest desktop sites in terms of reach. They can provide huge benefit to brands, but the challenge remains getting users to install new apps in a market dominated by large, established brands.



1ne: Brands that ignore desktop sites are going to pay a price.  Does your audience, for example, really want to know about your frozen pizza on a smartphone?

2wo: The vast majority of eCommerce purchases are done on desktops.

3hree: New PC’s are going to add to the demand of desktops as functionality increases (i.e. Ability to draw on the desktop).

4our: Emphasis should continue to be on improving your brand experience on your branded site.

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