When it comes to social media, forget the stats

Common-Sense-social-mediaEveryday it seems there is a new post like “amazing social media statistics we have seen” which focus on the number of users on a social media site.  However, marketers need to loose their love of numbers and focus on what’s really important to consumers.

According to the 2014 Authentic Brands Study: The Age of AuthenticityEvery consumer is now potentially a reporter who can get to the ‘real story’ about a company, product or service.  Brands need to understand and embrace this uncomfortable idea. Second, the global economic crisis has created much more skepticism amongst global consumers about brand narratives. To put it simply, they just aren’t buying those brand stories as easily anymore.  The same is true for social media.


In addition  Facebook announced it will begin limiting the number of “promotional Page posts” in the News Feed starting in January. That means you’ll see fewer posts from brands asking you to buy products or “enter promotions and sweepstakes,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.  They have also made it really easy for users to stop following brands on their personal news pages.

Marketers need to lose the mentality of going where the numbers are and instead focus on solving consumers’ problems or making them feel good about purchasing a product.

As Jordan Enright-Schulz said “social media marketing is growing up, in large part due to the rapid development of sophisticated social media management platforms with capabilities that enable the social marketer to demonstrate tangible business results.”

In recent weeks, major social platforms including Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have announced richer analytics offerings, enabling marketers to track the performance of their efforts within the social networks and, in some cases, how those efforts impact downstream results. These new developments signal a paradigm shift in social data collection and analysis.

First, it’s important to understand that every brand should have a social media presence.  However, that presence should not be to bombard users with irrelevant messages .  It should be to both listen to consumers and customers and respond in a way that clearly shows you care about them.  You should not, for example, go to Pinterest just because it has a lot of users; users mean nothing today, it’s how these users engage with your brand.


The days of mass marketing and pushing sales messages is quickly coming to an end.  Stop looking at the numbers and stop trying to quantify your social media investment.  You need to be there beyond numbers.


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