Why CMOs are struggling with digital marketing

struggeling cmosIn the face of increasing complexity in the markets and customers they serve, CMOs are struggling to keep pace with competing business demands, proliferating channels and partners, and a disconnect between the talent they have and the capabilities they need.  Nearly four in 10 CMOs say they do not have the right people, tools and resources to meet their marketing objectives. Why is this happening?  Look no further than antiquated hiring practices designed to keep the best and brightest people away.

Although large majorities of CMOs saw higher revenues (69%) and budgets (83%), four out of 10 senior marketers also saw flat or declining market share. This is consistent with CMOs’ belief that it will be harder to obtain and keep new customers and sell more to existing ones.

The solution, for a lot of brands and marketers, is to spend more money on digital marketing while not challenging company processes designed to weed out talented people.

If you have ever tried to apply for an open position at a company you want to work for you know that the online process to submit your resume is about as user friendly as an AOL website with a dial up modem.  In addition a lot of very bright digital marketing people wind up consulting or leaving because that just don’t have the patience to navigate cumbersome corporate politics.


How can a good digital marketer make CMO’s lives easier?

1ne: Don’t hire a tech person for a digital marketing role; hire a marketing person who understands both digital marketing and how to translate corporate objectives into measurable digital marketing strategies.  Throwing money into digital is a waste unless you drive business objectives.

3D men - Teamwork

2wo: Produce dashboards that are easier to understand and connect the dots to ROI.  What the hell good is “engagement” is sales are declining?

3hree: Attend marketing planning meetings and open up the lines of communication between yourself, brand managers and market research. If you understand the who, what and why or your customers you can design better digital marketing initiatives.

4our: Become the “expert” on digital marketing to separate the hype from the reality of digital marketing trends.


5ive: Remind CMO’s that your digital marketing is a living, breathing brand presence that needs to be continually optimized.  Nothing worse than an outdated website.

6ix: Ensure that whoever you hire can work with others and win them over not people to steamroll thru departments.


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