Why you don’t need a big ad budget to succeed

IN SUMMARY: The idea that you need a big ad budget to succeed in today’s market is a canard. Strategic PR, a good online marketing plan and website can lead to explosive sales.

Ever heard of ChiliPad? They make and market sleep solutions and they are doing very well for a brand that not many have heard of.

How do they do it?

1ne: They have an amazing website that is not designed to sell the products but rather to sell an amazing nights sleep. They even have articles on various subjects including better sex with a better nights sleep.

2wo: They are not targeting the mass market. They are strategically using their marketing to reach a selected audience.

3hree: They are selling a sleep solution (they are solving customers sleep problems)

Getting the Next Step

Does ChiliPad need to step up its advertising to reach more people? My answer would be no. By learning all they can about current customers and using that information to selectively leverage influencers and using specific marketing channels to reach them their business can grow substantially.

The other option would be some event marketing such as a ChiliPad walk for better sleep with booths on hand so people can test ChiliPad products. Another example would be a sponsored bike ride. Bike riders are a great demographic and have the income to purchase these products. An onsite demo would really spread the word.

What I really like is their website

ChiliPad’s website is very well designed with a wealth of information. In addition, they offer discounts for first-time visitors. There is in-depth information on getting a better nights sleep as well as recommendations from various organizations dedicated to a better nights sleep.

ChiliPad is doing everything right. If, however, someone wants to go for more explosive growth they could endanger the brands key audience. They are proof that you don’t need a huge marketing budget to succeed.

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