UnknownPost Summary:  Twitter stock has come crashing back to reality, Facebook now admits that organic posts don’t reach 99% of people who follow brands and yet there are still “experts” who are trying to tell us that consumers really do have time to have, and want, relationships with brands.  Sure there are some brands we love, Apple, Starbucks, and Trek Bikes but for the most part consumers just don’t want to be bothered bt Tweets or posts from ketchup and soda brands.

UnknownThere is quite a debate going on in LinkedIn about my post You can’t guilt people into buying stuff.  My premise is that you can’t develop a social media relationship with someone just so you can “guilt” them into buying something.  Do we form relationships with people just to get something from them ?  Of course not.  What has become increasingly clear is that consumers want to talk to real people not agencies.  They won’t be guilted into purchasing your product or brand but they will respond to someone talking as a real person to other real people, not market segments.