images Rob Carpenter recently said  “every couple of years there seems to a new marketing darling, innovated by big brands, that will change the face of marketing forever. Today’s belle of the ball is real-time marketing.  The beginning of any marketing craze is fraught with insta-experts that rush to be a thought-leader and resource on the subject. You see this often when new technologies launch, and within days experts are already providing in-depth advice and best practices for success. What’s worse is that so called “analysts”, who are actually journalists, get up at a marketing conference to talk about the latest buzzwords without in fact actually working in marketing.  Here we go again.

downside to social mediaHas the social media “spin cycle” finally run it’s course?  Now before you get your bowels in a snit hear me out.  There is no doubt that social in part of our everyday online life.  Everytime I mention something bad about social media the social media consultants and promoters throw back irrelevant numbers of people who use social media in my face.  My position has been, and continues to be that social media, as a marketing channel, is way over-hyped simply because consumers don’t have time to engage a lot of brands and use social media mostly for news and to stay in contact with friends and family.

marketing bad word for steve jobsPOST SUMMARY: Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Communication Allison Johnson said the two most “dreaded, hated” words at Apple under Steve Jobs were “branding” and “marketing.  “In Steve’s mind,” she recalls, “people associated brands with television advertising and commercials and artificial things. The most important thing was people’s relationship to the product. So any time we said ‘brand’ it was a dirty word.”

digitaltroubleWhile brands are planning to up their digital marketing spending there are some signs that perhaps it might be better to get back to basics in online marketing.   The latest shot is Yahoo firing their number two executive after spending a lot of money to recruit him.  Ms Mayer’s tenure, which began in July 2012,  has yet to deliver meaningful profit growth to Yahoo as the company has failed to keep pace with broad gains in digital advertising spending.  There is plenty more to come.

UnknownPost Summary:  Twitter stock has come crashing back to reality, Facebook now admits that organic posts don’t reach 99% of people who follow brands and yet there are still “experts” who are trying to tell us that consumers really do have time to have, and want, relationships with brands.  Sure there are some brands we love, Apple, Starbucks, and Trek Bikes but for the most part consumers just don’t want to be bothered bt Tweets or posts from ketchup and soda brands.