suckerThis week in my RSS feed I happened to come across the most retweeted marketing people on Twitter.  As I read the list I was amazed a how many “authors” and “agency” people there were but where were the people who actually had past successes in working in a branded environment?  Have marketers become so shallow that they are willing to take advice from people who are better at self-promotion than actually doing something to drive brand objectives and add to the bottom line?

bslistThis morning I read an article on “Top 50 Content Marketing Thought Leaders”.  While there were some good people on the list I wonder how anyone can be considered a marketing thought leader without having a record of actually of actually working on a brand?  I mean has Jay Baer actually been responsible for any successes other than writing a book and getting paid to speak at events?  It’s time to stop being impressed by numbers and time to start asking “what have you actually done?”

According to an article on Fast “Digital media form an intrinsic part of consumers’ interactions with businesses. So it follows that digital should be central to building relationships with your customers and enhancing their experience. Yet rather than taking a holistic approach, many businesses just use digital media as a promotional or idea generation tool.”  While I agree this is true for some products it does not apply to other products.  Just look in your fridge and tell me how many of those products/brands digital was an important tactic to get  you to purchase them ?

04fb9cfThere are those that would have you believe that marketing has changed dramatically and that you need things like big data and social media to be a successful marketer.  That’s not true by a long shot.  While consumers do have ways of “getting to the truth” and a lot of advertising is wasted the bottom line for a lot of products is still about making customers happy, whether at the time of purchase or when they use your product.