• Tech companies do not see high turnover as a problem. They are proud of it. They considered it a badge of honor. It demonstrates that the company has a “high-performance culture” where only the best of the best survive.
  • The modern workplace are actually worse than the old companies they are replacing. They are digital sweatshops, akin to the brutal textile mills and garment factories from more than a century ago.
  • They work for managers who are young, inexperienced, and undertrained—or sometimes completely untrained. They are exposed to brainwashing techniques, force-fed notions about “culture,” and informed that their success hinges on their ability to fit in with the others, but that the others didn’t like them. They were told that they were failing, but not told how or why.

You have to hand it to the so called “experts”.  We were promised that social media would be the magic carpet on which our legions of brand advocates would go to spread the word about the marvelousness of our brands, and would free us from the terrible, wasteful expense of advertising.  When that went down the drain they trying to tell us that content marketing is the key to consumer engagement.  Pure garbage.

In the hard sciences, research is reasonably reliable because it measures things. In the soft (social) sciences, research is often not about measuring things, but about asking questions. In other words, rather than watching to see if you’re cheating on your wife, they ask you if you are. Then they treat your answer as a fact rather than just the bullshit it is.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Consumers are basically simple creatures with straightforward needs and easily observed behaviors[/inlinetweet]. Marketers are complicated critters with strange customs and mysterious beliefs.[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] Marketers are taught not to think simply.[/inlinetweet] In fact, the whole practice of marketing is based on the conviction that there are forces at work in the minds of consumers that only trained specialists (ya know, us) are qualified to interpret. Thinking simply has been beaten out of marketers. You can’t be taken seriously in any marketing or advertising organization if you suggest that the bulk of consumer behavior is perfectly obvious.

Dump any marketing book written in the 20th century. Traditional marketing tactics and strategies based on “one- to-many” communication are obsolete. Common acronyms such as ROI, USP and CRM are headed for the alphabet graveyard. The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate. Mobile technologies and the explosion of social media exacerbated the level and pace of change.