QUICK READ (By Larry Light CEO of Arcature brand consultancy focused on growing brand value)

  • Marketers are confusing “clicks and listens” to buying.
  •  Just because a commercial garner’s views does not mean there is brand impact.
  • Capturing impressions is not the same as creating an impact. An impression is just a media unit. It has a cost. It can be viewed or heard. But viewing is not a substitute or synonym for impact.
  • Only about 25% of this year’s Cannes Lion award-winning ads provided actual brand impact meaning the ads did not effectively generate brand sales.
  • Loving an ad is not the same as buying a brand. 
<b>Stop the insanity:</b> <b>TV</b> ads are supposed to sell products

THOUGHT: Gary Vaynerchuk, the self-promotional brand, dropped a few bombs from the ANA Masters of Marketing on Friday. He chastised the audience for being too tied to metrics, citing the example of a client that refused to advertise on TikTok “because there was no report for them to latch onto.” The industry, he charged, values “bullshit reporting over common sense.” It’s time for him to join the real world.

Gary Vaynerchuk says <i>“bullshit reporting over common sense”</i> is killing marketing