Can a “toxic brand” be saved?

The Democrats, right now, are a toxic brand.  Despite a President whose approval ratings are in the toilet, they can’t win any special elections.  The brand is in deep trouble and what they need is someone who understands the essentials of great branding.

Why is the democratic brand in trouble?

1ne: No consistent message that resonates with voters.

2wo: Brand icons that have very low approval ratings like Nancy Pelosi.

3hree: Failed leadership.

4our: Infighting within the party adds to a splintered message.

Can the brand be saved?  The answer is yes, but the clock is ticking.  The first thing they need to do is look for new leadership.  They need a leader who can stay on a message that voters can identify with and they need someone who is believable and is not seen as a career politician.

The second thing they need to do is ditch the voices of the old brand like the Clintons and Pelosi.  Their time has passed and the torch needs to be passed to others within the party who can excite the party and get out the votes.

Finally, they need a message that is meaningful and they need their party members to stay on message.

If Pelosi stays and the Clintons reemerge you better be prepared for a second Trump Presidency and Republicans picking up more seats even though they are not representing their voters.


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