Can emotional branding work?

SUBARU OF AMERICA 'THAT MOMENT'Here come the ratings for the Super Bowl commercials, but according to a recent article in Ad Age 80% of Super Bowl spots don’t sell product. So can emotional branding really work ?

Marketers are under more pressure to show real results for the money they spend.   Soft metrics like engagement mean little if your sales continue to slide and having people talking about your brand, because of a cute commercial, may not mean that they are going to become customers.

However, emotional advertising/branding can work.  Here’s a great example..

“We knew this day was coming.  That’s why we bought a Subaru”.  First this spot emotionally bonds with audience as parents always see their daughters as their little girl.  However, it also conveys a key brand message “Subaru cars are safe” and thus it accomplishes it’s objective.  Now compare this with the cute puppy Budweiser commercial.  You may love it, but is it really going to make you a Budweiser customer?

I wish someone would score the Super Bowl spots on whether they moved the needle in purchase intent but alas there is too much “business” of marketing and too many egos at play.

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