Can anything save the ad industry?

the-end-signMore and more the ad industry is shooting themselves in the foot.  The latest arrow comes from an article in Adweek “The Future of Advertising Still Rests on the Art of Connecting Brands and Consumers More than ever, it’s about authentic and compelling stories“.  Ha?  Do you honestly think that consumers have the time to read “brand stories” or believe brand propaganda?

Over the last three years I have been involved in a lot of research with consumers and they are getting damn tired of brands invading their personal time online and off.  Consumers are time shifting more and more because they are tired of sitting thru “Flo” Progressive commercials and other mindless irrelevant spots.  Yet advertisers continue to pat themselves on the back with industry awards that have little to do with business.

I have seen great creative shops get swallowed up by bigger shops only to have the very elements that made those shops great leave one by one.  Marketing Land recently said “traditional ad agencies are increasingly interested in online video, but a recent survey reveals that half of those already doing online video ads aren’t sure if they’re getting good value from those purchases.”  Then why in hell would they even do it?  Because it doesn’t matter if the ads succeed the agency still gets paid.


Marketers need to have a come to Jesus meeting with agencies that take their money while sales head south and the C suite is right to hold more marketers accountable to hard metrics, not soft ones like whether a certain tactic went viral.

Private label sales are taking a bigger and bigger share from brands because marketers made the mistake of thinking that a Facebook page was more important than other brand touchpoints.  It’s time for agencies to get smarter about marketing and advertising and focus on what’s really important in an age of consumers who don’t give a damn about your ads.


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