Building a world-class digital marketing team

LockKeyWhen it comes to developing mobile apps, creating products for new devices, and unifying the customer experience cross-channel, less than one quarter of companies report they “always succeed,” while more than 60 percent “often or sometimes fail” according to a Forrester study.  Among the biggest challenges organizations face in digital marketing is finding talented digital marketers.

Seven in ten execs (71%) at large companies and agencies say their digital marketing teams are strong in some areas but mediocre or weak in others,according to a recent report by the Online Marketing InstituteClickZ, and Kelly Staffing.


Moreover, 21% of executives surveyed say their employees are mediocre or weak across all digital areas.

Only 8% of survey respondents say their employees are strong in all areas of digital marketing.

Adding digital talent isn’t easy because talented digital marketers are in high demand.  So how do you build a world-class digital marketing team?

(1) Start with someone who is a visionary and can interact with senior executives to get them excited about the possibility and reality of digital marketing.

(2) Don’t hire geeks or technologists.  Hire people who understand marketing and how what they do can drive brand objectives while meeting consumer needs and wants.


(3) Go beyond resumes and seek out game changers who write about digital marketing and understand how to win over organizational influencers.

(4) Don’t think that digital marketers are cool and wear jeans all the time.  It is a business discipline like any other.  Some are good, some just talk.

(5) Let them show you their portfolio of accomplishments.

(6) Hire smarter than you because those people are going to make you look great.

(7) Make sure they can both motivate and teach lower ranking managers.

(8) Is digital marketing a passion and if so why?

You don’t have much time because the money is already flowing into digital marketing and a lot of it is going to be wasted unless you have a great digital marketing team.


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