Do brands really need to move to mobile?

information-overload “Digital consumption, especially of visual content, is happening at such a rapid pace on handheld devices marketers should push mobile optimization to the top of their checklists and not allow it to come as an afterthought,” said Influenster president and co-founder Elizabeth Scherle. Is this really true? Yes and no.

Your website should and needs to be optimized for mobile but the idea that women are so tied to mobile devices that they don’t do anything without them is myopic.

Recent data on eCommerce orders clearly show that desktop PC’s still rule when it comes to ordering products.  The question as to why is what needs to be addressed.  Research I have led indicates that people like ordering on desktop PC’s because of bigger screens, ease of navigation and saved info that allows them the ease of “one click” ordering.


So how are women using mobile devices?  To connect with one another and to share both praise and discouragement at brands and products.  They are using social media to connect with one another and brands should, at a minimum, be mining social media to gain valuable insights.


All brands should ensure that their websites are optimized for mobile but they also need to pay attention to desktop sites.

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