Brands need to fight for every customer

QUICK READ: During this pandemic brands need to fight for ever customer and sale. They can’t afford to delay things like customer service and communications with their current customers.

I have been a Direct TV customer for over 20 years. Till now I haven’t had any problems but it seems that AT&T could care less about good customers. The hard drive on one of my units went bad and I can’t contact anyone to get a replacement. Their customer service has gone into hibernation.

I know a lot of people are working at home but that’s no excuse for slacking off on customer service. Your customer service people are your brand’s lifeblood and they could easily work from home to help your customers.

In the eCommerce arena sites that provide poor customer service are going to get roasted on social media. Amazon has set the bar for customer service but since they’re not shipping a lot of products consumers are looking elsewhere. The problem is that not too many sites provide a high level of customer service that does.

Consumers have a lot of choices and if your brand isn’t prepared to fight for every customer you’re going to lose sales and market share. Now is the time to focus on current customers and provide an ultra-high level of customer service because once your customers defect it’s going to be hard to win them back.

Customer service can easily work from home and should be doing so. A recording that tells people that you’re not available says “we don’t care about you as a customer”.

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