Brands can now reach just 6% of fans organically

large_8560618867Via Ted Dhanik; According to Ogilvy’s report, Facebook sources have hinted that organic reach will approach zero in the near future. In addition, one one analysis found that as many as 40 percent of “likes” for one life sciences company were fraudulent.  In other words, brands spent years building a fan base they either can’t reach or actually don’t want to reach.  But wait, it gets worse; advertisers are paying for less than they believe. Facebook advertisers  are detecting 20 percent to 30 percent click fraud on the site using sophisticated forensics. Rather than offshore likers, bots are decimating ad performance on Facebook.  It’s no wonder that one company has written a breakup letter to Facebook while many others are ready to unfriend the social network after paying for promoted posts with underwhelming results. Quoting Monty Python from The Holy Grail “Run Away!”

Facebook is now like any other online property and since so many people are accessing Facebook via mobile devices marketers need to ask “will our ads really work?”.   The answer of course is “it depends on your targeting and creative.


I am surprised at how many brands will spend a lot of time and energy on testing off-line advertising but when it comes to online ads they just create banners with little or no thought to attracting busy consumers who don’t like to be interrupted.

The more money you spend on the development of your online ads, like testing and creating numerous ads that are served based on where people are in how many times they have seen your ads, the better the ROI.

Let me give you an example.  I love bike riding and ride 250 miles a month on the bike paths here in the Boston area.  I follow Trek bikes on Facebook as well as my local bike shop.  Facebook knows this and every once in awhile an ad pops up for new bike gear.  I usually click on these ads because of my love for bike riding, however, with those ads come with a lot of irrelevant ads which I don’t click on nor have the time to tell Facebook why I don’t want to see these ads.  In other words targeting works.

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Online ads are not about click-thru, they are about getting online audiences to either take action, visit the site and spend time vs. bounce rates, or retaining the brand message so the next time consumers are in the store, they remember to look for the new Tide detergent.

The idea that consumers want or need relationships with brands is a canard pushed by social media experts who love to feature their pictures on their BLOGs so they can sell books or get speaking gigs.  It’s time to think like a busy consumer and ask “why in the world would I want a relationship or to be interrupted by your brand.



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