Bloggers: Please KISS

-Wordpress 5.0 offers bloggers a lot of options to customize their websites.

-You should keep your BLOG or website as simple as possible.

-It’s all about the reader not you.

WordPress 5.0 was released yesterday and it represents probably the biggest change to using WordPress in a long while.  Integrated with the new release is a new editor that gives website producers a lot of options to customize their BLOG or website, but too many people are forgetting the simple KISS (keep is simple stupid) when it comes to online publishing.

If you’re a blogger, you want people to be focused on your content, not the eye candy that you can integrate into your site.  Widgets are fine on the side, but having too many “calls to action” can be frustrating for readers.

Another pet peeve of mine is the use of colored backgrounds in which publishers write text.  The worst color to use is black, but I have seen a lot of other horrible uses of colored backgrounds as well.  As a rule of thumb, you should always use a white background with black text.

A BLOG is not like a body that has a lot of tattoos.  It’s there for readers and hopefully to get them back to continually engage the writer.  Keep it simple and write from the heart and head.  We are all journalists today and we are all trying to garner attention on a media that has a very short attention span.


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