The biggest mistake brands make with social media

Unknown-1There is some lopsided thinking out there.  There is a “belief” that just because a consumer becomes a customer of your brand that they want to have a relationship with you that extends beyond the 4 P’s.  For a lot of brands this just isn’t true.  Just because I like pudding doesn’t mean that I want to have a relationship with you on Facebook.

With the Super Bowl coming up we are once again hearing about the brands that are going to entertain us via expensive spots even though the correlation between liking a commercial and business objectives(sales) is lacking.  I love the Budweiser spots, but to me their beer is like making love in a canoe..fucking close to water. The same can be said about “engagement”.

Oops! Road Sign

American consumers are too damn busy to engage brands on social media except when brands piss them off and they are forced to share their bad experience online.  Over the holiday I drove to some market research to listen to consumers talk about brands and social media and the vast majority said that they were not following brands on social media and when they did they would “tune them out”.

Of course the people who have vested interest in social media marketing, agencies, consultants and developers, would have you believe otherwise.  To them having some buzz around your brand while sales struggle is not an issue because after all, the line between social media and ROI is not a straight one.


Try not to “talk at people” on social media, but instead use the platform to listen and analyze consumer wants and needs, but more importantly acts, and act quickly before the buzz has gone back out to sea.  Remember that most of the people who follow your brand on social media are already your super customers.  Thank them beyond the shallow handshake and for goodness sake, don’t get caught in the mistake that people want to have a relationship with you….


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  1. Totally agree. To “like” is not to buy, retain or otherwise support a product or service. However, commenting on a brand’s Facebook page when you have a problem (I’m talking to you, Sears!) is the best way to get immediate attention from customer service.

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