The biggest gap in today’s marketing

The biggest gap in 90% of marketing departments is not data, it’s people who can successfully interpret the data and recommend actionable strategies to leverage current consumer trends.

Big data everywhere, but how many marketing departments really have the talent or time to understand what the data is telling them?  Here is a great example;  I keep hearing marketing people promoting their website traffic, but what good is 100,000 visitors is your bounce rate is 85% and average time on your site is less than 30 seconds?

Consumers today have a lot of channels to give feedback to brands, but how many brands are really listening and acting on what people are telling them?  According to most research very few brands are listening to customers on social media and too many of them are using BOTS which actually pisses off most customers.

Your most passionate customers are an asset

I’m an avid cyclist riding over 100 miles a week.  Not too long ago I stumbled on an innovative bike seat called the Infinity Bike Saddle.   It had most of the center area removed, but saddle comfort has always alluded me so I took a chance a bought one.  It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable saddle I have ever used.  I was so happy with the product that I went on facebook to tell the cycling groups how much I loved it.  I probably help sell at least half a dozen of the products.

Now if I was in the marketing department at Infinity Saddles I would reach out to any passionate person talking about my product, but it seems that, since they are a start-up, that they don’t have time.  Huge misstep for them or ANY brand.

A client of ours was looking for a social media manager for their health food products.  They were willing to pay $80k per year to hire and recruit someone, but we recommended that they hire a woman on facebook who loved their brand and products.  She was always on Twitter or facebook talking about the products and sharing new ways to use them.  We hired her for social media mgr and allowed her to work out of home and it was a home run.  She has been a real asset and has done a magnificent job in promoting the brand via social media as well as solving any problems that current customers might have.  Social media analytics show an overwhelming positive perception of the brand.

Brands should leverage their most passionate customers and by the way never forget to say “thank you” for any compliments.  Consumers today want to be heard and there is nothing worse than a brand that doesn’t listen.

In summary..

Big data can’t help you an inch unless you have the people who can understand what the data is telling them and implement actionable strategies to help the brand in a very competitive marketplace.

Your best customers, the ones who tell the world about your brand and product, should be coddled and nurtured.  Always remember to thank them for a compliment and please, can the BOTS because once consumers find out that you’re using BOTS they will drop you like a hot rock.

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