The biggest gap in marketing people

hf_135927_articleThere is a huge gap in marketing talent out there.  What is it?  The ability to interrupt data and separate the “hype from reality” when it comes to reading marketing articles online.  

When you read an article, either on or offline, you should question the background of the author(s).  Do they have a business background?  Have they ever worked in marketing?  You should also ask “how does this apply to my business/product/brand?”.


A perfect example are the eBooks that Hubspot has been bombarding us with for years on social media.  They are written by people right out of school who have no real business experience.  Why in the world should I believe their content?

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Marketers are overwhelmed with big data, but many don’t know how to translate big data into an opportunity[/inlinetweet] that supports business/brand objectives.  I have seen clients swallow the hype around social media and waste thousands of dollars on tactics that didn’t do a damn thing to the bottom line.  Sure, brands need social media, but do you want a social relationship with a frozen pizza brand?


The best eMarketers are the one who can take website metrics and tell a story from them beyond numbers.  If your brand is losing market share does it really matter that your website visitors are up 15%?  Rather than report numbers they tell a story supported by metrics and recommend opportunities to improve the online experience.

I’m not a fan of big data, but I am a huge fan of listening to consumers.  There are huge nuggets of gold out there just waiting for smart marketers to pick up and run with rather than spend weeks over thinking  about “what to do”.


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]There are too many marketers out there with great titles, but little talent[/inlinetweet].  They will blame everyone around them for their shortcomings while they suck up to senior executives.  Learn how to read data as it pertains to YOUR brand and you will be a huge success.

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3 Comments on “The biggest gap in marketing people”

  1. This is so true . We see time and again that data dosent translate into money or increase bootimlines or return over investment .
    Listening does very – very simple . Concentrating on what consumer wants and interacting with them often on shopping experience will always win over any data crunching or research .

  2. I totally agree with “There are too many marketers out there with great titles, but little talent”. I see it all the time when I visit businesses. Just because someone has a degree doesn’t make them a professional marketer. Nothing beats years of work experience and continual education in the ever-changing business arena.

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