Becoming a social business is a journey, not a destination.

first-priorityFrom Pam Moore comes a great post on social media Becoming a social business is a journey, not a destination. You can’t put a date on the calendar that reads, “this is the day we will be a social business.”   Instead you must set goals, objectives and realize the only guarantee is change .  Unfortunately it is in the very early stages of a social media program development many marketers and business leaders immediately start jumping to tactics such as social profile rebrands, images for Facebook and Instagram, Vine videos and the list goes on.

 QUIT trying to DO social media. Quit worrying about being first to tweet a post, first to wake up in the morning and post a cat photo to Facebook. Instead get in your office, roll up your sleeves and do the hard work that needs done.


If you are a marketing leader reporting to a business owner or executive(s) in a larger organization, do not focus results on your updated and pretty social profile or your “hope to go viral” Vine video.


It is YOUR responsibility to educate your stakeholders on the fact this is a journey, not a destination. You must help educate them, change their mindset over time and let them know there is no quick fix band-aid called social media that is going to save the broken parts of the business.

It’s not about completing the task list of randomness that makes you feel good each day. It’s about making forward progress on your journey to become a social business. It’s about raising your own bar above the status quo. It’s about making the shots you were previously afraid to even try for.


It’s about aligning social to your audience needs and business goals, period. It’s not rocket science, but it takes time and it takes investment in process, not just Vine videos, Instagram and pretty Facebook images of cats and quotes for posting.

Pam’s post is spot on and should be a wake-up call to everyone.  Here are some key points I would like to add:

1ne: Expect to fail when you do social media marketing so it’s essential to have a process in place to learn from your mistakes as well as successes.


2wo: Being first is not essential; what is essential is to listen and to make the conversation relevant.

3hree: Don’t look at social media as a way to increase sales, rather look at it as part of an integrated marketing engine that works with other initiatives at delivering a better brand experience.

4our: Get out there and do some research.  Ask prospects and customers what THEY want/need and balance that with brand objectives.


5ive: Be prepared to respond to social media requests/posts in Internet time, not on your schedule.

Finally, hire someone who understands your audience needs and can couple that with key brand KPI’s.

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  1. Great post….in addition, don’t underestimate the impact that social media will have on your internal processes (like your sales process, product delivery and go-to-market approach). These should all be factored into building an inbound business.

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