Bad product strategy from market leaders

badstrategyEveryone thinks Apple walks on water, but it’s apparent that they are now feeling the full effects of Steve Jobs untimely departure.  

First, let me say that I’m an Apple person. I have a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iPad and iPhone.   However, ever since Mr Jobs has left this Earth Apple has been in deep trouble.  While they continue to rake in the profits their innovation has been weak at best.



Here are some examples..

1ne: Neglecting OS X to the point that reviewers are now recommending Windows products over Apple products.

2wo: Failing to update the iMac product line which has become stale and dated.

3hree: Charging a high premium for a MacBook whose specs and performance are poor compared to competitors.

4our: A product strategy that consists of line extensions rather than innovative products (iPad, iPhone).

5ive: Paying for Beats which has great brand awareness, but whose products bear little resemblance to the outstanding Apple products.  Numerous review sites talk about Beats poor performance compared to other products on the market.

I’m not even going to mention the Apple Watch which has been a terrible failure by Apple’s own standards.

Apple kept setting the bar higher and higher and when you do this customers expect to be wowed with every new product, but Apple’s press events are a yawn at best.  In OS X, Safari is an embarrassment compared to Chrome, Apple Mail is buggy and in need of an overhaul and the new features of OS X are not new but light enhancements.  All of this has allowed Microsoft, the hated anti-Apple to catch up and that is unforgivable.


Then there’s Kindle reader.  The newest Kindle was introduced recently but has received mediocre reviews.  Why?  Because it has the same screen resolution as other Kindle’s and has almost a $300 price tag.  Why couldn’t Amazon, a company that thrives on employees challenging other employees, predict this?  As a Kindle person I’m not going to purchase a new model because it’s easier to hold and has a better rechargeable battery and that is the key problem.

Be careful to hold any company in a high regard because innovation and staying on top as a great brand are challenges that have to be met everyday.


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