Bad marketing journalism/analysts

always-consider-the-sourceWhen you read an article, online, about the latest trends in marketing and what you “must” do you need to consider the source.  Analysts, who have no experience, and journalists, who write from company press releases, are not reliable and credible sources of information and you should not be basing marketing decisions based on their recommendations.

I understand that the workforce is trending younger, but when someone writes an eBook on new search engine marketing tactics is it too much to ask that the author has experience working in marketing for a consumer brand products?  Too many articles that cry for a marketer’s attention are laced with nice charts and facts that may or may not relate to YOUR business.


Here in Boston I spent over three months working with a consumer products marketer to develop and implement digital marketing initiatives after they spent a lot of money working with an inbound marketing company that advised them they needed a lot of inbound marketing programs.  The problem was that none of these programs actually contributed to their main objective which was an increase in sales.

I like to read everything when it comes to digital marketing, but rather than take it at face value I ask a couple of key questions;

1ne: How is this relevant to my client’s business?

2wo: Does the author have real world marketing brand experience?

I spend a lot of time with clients trying to clear out the bad data from their heads so that we can focus on what’s really important to their business objectives.  The idea of inbound marketing may or may not be applicable to your brand category and the only way to know for sure is to have your fingers on the pulse of your customers and prospects.


Use the Web to collect data and facts, but rather than take analysts’ recommendations think how what they are saying applies to your business and customers.  Data can be both a blessing and a curse if you don’t understand which data really allows you to achieve business objectives.  The last thing you should be doing is paying a company for analyst reports where the analysts are journalists rather than experienced business people.


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