Apple surrenders

IN SUMMARY: Innovation is dead at Apple. This week Apple introduced a credit card and video streaming service. I can’t imagine Steve Jobs taking Apple in this direction and it clearly shows that Apple is out of ideas and is now only interested in making money.

2019 will probably be known as the year that Apple died as an innovative company. They have missed the smart home market, allowed Windows to surpass OSX, and have not updated the iMac design for over a decade.

Apple has decided that we need an Apple credit card which is drawing yawns from former Apple zealots. Their video streaming service is going to have to compete with some vast brands and analysts are already saying that Apple is going to lose a lot of money on the product.

What happened?

1ne: Steve Jobs roadmap for Apple has been implemented and there is nobody left to innovate.

2wo: Tim Cook is not a leader or visionary. He is strictly an operations person.

3hree: Tactics, like spying on employees by sorting through their trash, has taken its toll. Rebels have left Apple and are working at other Valley companies.

4our: Apple allocated too many resources to the iPhone even though the signs were signaling that the market was saturated and people were not interested in upgrading their iPhones anymore.

5ive: The poor decision to buy Beats headphones.

6ix: Overuse of “Apple events” which have become boring.

Steve Jobs didn’t care about making money he saw Apple as a brand that could change lives. Tim Cook is all about the stock price and profits.

Apple’s not having the best time right now. In the wake of falling iPhone sales, the firm has lost its title as the world’s most innovative company. Having jumped from fourth place to the top of the list last year, Apple has now fallen to 17th position.

How do YOU define a successful brand?

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