Apple is now just another huge corporation

  • There was a lack of any innovation at the Apple WWDC announcements yesterday.
  • Apple has gone from innovative, cool brand to just another big corporation whose sole purpose is to make a lot of money.
  • Tim Cook is not a visionary; he is just an operations manager.

As I watched part of the WWDC keynote I couldn’t help but ask “would Steve Jobs have taken the time to talk about animated emoji’s?”  The answer of course is no but Apple today is just another huge corporation that is focused on making money.

Steve Jobs said ““If you keep your eye on the profit, you’re going to skimp on the product. But if you focus on making really great products, then the profits will follow.”  Tim Cook is more focused on profits than Steve and it shows.  The announcements at WWDC were an evolution of apple software not revolutionary.

OS X, the OS for the Mac, continues to be largely ignored.  Safari is way behind Google’s Chrome, Mail can’t compete against new mail clients like Spark, iPhoto is still a mess and all we got is a dark mode?

Steve was a pioneer and visionary.  He blazed new trails, but all Tim Cook has done since taking over is maintaining these trails and making a ton of money doing it.  The overly rehearsed and scripted WWDC keynote was an embarrassment to the memory of Steve and is a clear indication that Apple is just another huge corporation who stashes cash overseas to avoid paying taxes.

My ideas to fix Apple?

  1. Sell Beats headphones- their quality is not up to Apple standards.
  2. Restaff the Mac OS team with some innovative people.  It needs a new direction and is long overdue for a complete refresh.
  3. Dump the MacBook.  The thin laptop is underpowered and is just not worth the money.
  4. Only update the iPhone when you can add new features that bring back the lines to Apple stores.
  5. The iMac design is over 10 years old,  Time to refresh the whole line.
  6. New accessories including a state of the art new Airport that can keep up with high broadband speeds.  Form an alliance with an audio company like Paradigm speakers to develop high quality computer speakers and home audio components.
  7. Charge a nominal fee for OS and IOS upgrades, but rather than keep the money allow users to select a charity that would get the proceeds from the sale.
  8. Develop a competitor to Facebook that is both cool and would not collect privacy data.
  9. Buy WordPress and integrate the platform into the Mac OS.
  10. Buy Pandora or other music service as Apple Music is really bad.
  11. Develop electronic health records that patients want to use and that health care professionals would find easy to use.

There was a time when I would watch keynotes from the start to the end and be excited to watch them.  I even would rearrange my work schedule to download new updates, but those days are passed.  Apple really misses Steve…

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