Apple: The end of innovation?

imgresThe Apple “non-event” yesterday to introduce the new iPhone was disappointing.  Steve Jobs shadow has left the company and it’s proof that Tim Cook is just a logistics/operations person, not someone who can lead the company.

The hype around Apple “events” is unwarranted and frankly, people are getting tired of them.  The iPhone 7 is a huge disappointment, it’s a new iPhone with some minor new features at a time when the smartphone market is saturated and being dominated by Samsung.  Do you think Steve Jobs would have allowed this?


The problems facing Apple are numerous.  Their iMac line has not been updated in 4 years, the Beats headphone acquisition was a huge mistake as the quality of Beats products does not compare to competitors and the Mac OS is dated and buggy.  In addition HP has introduced a laptop that is being heralded as the best designed laptop on the market and Windows 10 is making huge strides on OS X.

There will be people who will want to rush out to get a new iPhone, but once the early adopters have their wallets drained many people are going to say “it doesn’t have enough features for me to shell out more money”.


It starts with Apple executives who take the stage like rock stars and believe the hype of the events.  While Tim Cook was a good choice to steer the ship it was Steve Jobs who set the course and sailed to new destinations.  Mr Jobs shadow is gone and now his spirit has also left the Apple campus.

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