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overwhelmedwithdataPost Summary: Today’s marketers are being overwhelmed with all types of marketing data but a lot of this data may not be actionable.  To really ensure that your online analytics is delivering on your marketing objectives organizations need people who can intercept the incoming data and tell a story to senior managers that clearly identifies opportunities.

My last client was in deep trouble.  She had at least three PowerPoint decks on her desk with tons of numbers on everything from her website yo online media to social media.  “I’m not sure where to start, or even if I have the time to do a really deep dive on all this”.  Unfortunately she is not alone.  Big data, when used correctly, can provide valuable insights into your business and customer behavior.  However the hype around big data has led to a data overload that shows you how many but rarely tells you why or why not.


Here are some guidelines to get the most from online analytics:

1ne: Marketing people need to get away from the “numbers” game and focus more on qualitative insights – Sure you had a lot of people visit your website but why did they come and more importantly where did they come from and where are they going next ?

2wo: Marketing analytics should tell a story beyond the numbers – Great PowerPoint presentations engage your audience by telling a story.  Learn how to best tell a story and never put too much data on one slide.


3hree: The best people to interpret your marketing data are marketers themselves, not technologists. – Marketers understand the marketing plan and what drives conversion and can align the analytics with these KPI’s.

4our: Stop paying for market research services that just provide numbers. – Anyone can pull numbers and put them into a nice looking chart, but you need insights from people who have actually done it not from analysts who are journalists.

5ive: You need to understand new technology as it applies to your marketing – Ever heard of Google’s Hummingbird?  If not you’re in trouble because it’s key to understanding how Goggle ranks your site in search.

6ix: Continually sell and educate the organization on what your digital marketing is doing in terms of key brand objectives – We are always trying to sell ideas and this process never ends.


7even: Insights should lead to actionable objectives – Measurable and actionable against specific objectives.

8ight: No marketing dashboard should be more than 2-3 slides.

9ine: Work closely with your market research people to “answer questions beyond the numbers”.


Finally, never, ever take the word of an independent “analyst” as gospel.  Your business, brand and customers are unique to you and only you really understand what drives conversion.


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