Google, Amazon & Facebook: Total control over the Internet

IN SUMMARY: In this age of ‘brand social responsibility” it seems that Google, Amazon, and Facebook can continue to build monopolies without consequences. Are consumers ever going to hold them responsible?

If you thought organic listings on Google were key to getting business you’re mistaken. As one angry person said, “Google is no longer a search engine in the travel category”. What’s the difference between good business practices and social responsibility?

Facebook has been giving us double-talk about privacy for years. Suck thinks that everything that is wrong with Facebook can be fixed by some new code. Facebook promised us a “clear history” tool over a year ago yet there isn’t one on the horizon.

Even though Amazon raised the hourly salaries of its warehouse workers it took away their bonuses. Stories still circulate from former employees about grueling work environments and unrealistic expectations yet Amazon continues to get wealthier by the minute.

The reality is that Google, Facebook, and Amazon have total control over the Internet. Their decisions impact every aspect of our lives from who gets elected to what products succeed and which ones fail. Congress can’t do anything because they don’t understand how these companies are, in essence, monopolies.

But research says “consumers want socially responsible brands”.

Yeah, and I want a new Mercedes and house overlooking the ocean. The truth is that what we want and what we do is different because we don’t want to be inconvenienced. It’s too easy to buy stuff on Amazon, search on Google and get our dopamine shot by using Facebook.

There is a huge disconnect between what consumers say they want and what they actually do. Marketers need to learn this and to stop falling for all the statistics on the Web.

It’s said that competition eventually leads to a level playing field but I have to disagree. These three companies are so far ahead that competition may never have a chance to catch them.

In the end consumers will determine whether we hold these companies responsible for their missteps or just continue to say “I don’t want to be inconveinced give me my”.

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