Almost 90% of women use PC/laptop/mobile as most frequent tool for product research

6935_60307110841The “SheSpeaks/Lippe Taylor Women’s Buying Behavior Index” provides context and insight into the key drivers of shopping and purchasing from a woman’s perspective. Taken from a survey of over 2,000 women nationwide, this report uncovers how women are feeling about everything from family finances and disposable income to how they are using digital and social media to browse and “window shop.” This is the second quarterly release of data designed to help marketers better understand buying habits and forecast trends of American women.


Highlights from the second quarterly release of data designed for marketers, media and consumers include:

  • Window shopping goes virtual! The “first moment of truth,” when women research products, is no longer in stores.
    • When asked what method they use most to research products, 71% chose PC/laptop, 18% selected mobile/tablet, while only 6% prefer browsing in store.


  • But, it’s a slightly different story when it comes to actually buying: When asked their most frequent method of purchase:
    • 47% use computer
    • 45% shop in store
    • 8% use their phone/tablet


  • Going Mobile — 70% percent say they use their phone or mobile device for shopping. Of those who do:
    • 75% use to find store locations and hours
    • 70% use mobile device while in-store to look up and compare prices
    • 66% search for coupons
    • 34% make purchases on their mobile device


  • She’s got vacation on the brain! 83% percent of women are planning their next getaway, with 79% planning a vacation in spring or summer.


  • Apparently, Facebook is a girl’s best friend when looking for cool travel destinations. Overall, 62% of women are turning to social media for their next vacation. Of those who do:
    • 69% rely on Facebook friends for suggestions
    • 49% turn to blogs
    • 40% look to Pinterest for inspiration
    • 21% ask their Twitter followers
    • 17% are influenced by what they see on Instagram


  • Just like we suspected, women influence men when it comes to buying everything from travel to technology, from clothing to cars. When asked which categories you are the primary shopper/buyer for your husband or boyfriend…
    • 71% clothing
    • 69% grooming
    • 51% make the travel plans
    • 39% buy technology for their guys
    • 18% are the primary buyer/shopper of cars


  • Celebrities actually do sell. The power of celebrity translates into purchasing decisions with almost one-half (47%) of women admitting they have bought a product because it was endorsed by a celebrity.


  • In a “nip and tuck” race, liposuction goes head-to-head with Starbucks! When we asked women to choose just one thing to spend money on, 64% would choose something related to their appearance over their daily cup of coffee.
    • Fitness classes (34%)
    • Liposuction (16%)
    • Daily cup of coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts (15%)
    • Breast implants/reduction (10%)
    • Botox cosmetic (4%)

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